Welcome to Divi Re-Skin

Aruba’s finest beauty salon

Welcome to Divi Re-Skin Beauty Salon, located at Pavia (Pavilla) 20F.
Divi Re-Skin Beauty Salon is the place to go for the ultimate beauty treatments in Aruba. 
Our highly skilled and experienced personnel has been providing high quality beauty treatments in Holland and Aruba for over 15 years.

Feel our friendly and comfortable atmosphere with offering a wide range of professional treatments at reasonable prices for men and woman.

At Divi Re-Skin Beauty Salon we are only using natural products from world-wide known Beauty Products suppliers. For every skin type we have special treatments like whitening, hydrating, firming and a natural herbal peeling.

Our special offers are updated regularly to correspond with the seasons of the year and we hope that you will find something at Divi Re-Skin Beauty Salon that will make you feel that extra little bit special.Body massage, pedicures and waxing can be done as well at Divi Re-Skin.
If you would like to know more or just come in to see what our salon is like and have a chat about your requirements, then we would be pleased to see you.